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Joe Pelanconi Books
About Us

We're pretty ordinary folks.

      In Case You Care
        Joe Pelanconi was born and raised in the wine country of Sonoma County, California, as was his wife, Sue.  He went to college, avoided Vietnam , loved baseball and turned out semi-normal.  He never intended to be a writer; he just always wrote a lot.  He has written for professional journals, a school newspaper column and other stuff that has long since disappeared.
         For years, he and Sue lived in Tehama County, California, where they raised two daughters.  Joe never intended to be a school administrator either, but was a  high school principal for 29 years.  A leader in international school exchanges, Joe and his family have travelled overseas numerous times. 
        Joe has been called visionary, witty, obnoxious, politically incorrect, compassionate and many other things.  It is all true and he is proud to have lived to write about it in retirement.  Some say Joe is also a talented speaker and his grandchildren say he is a great nonno
           Joe and Sue have returned to Sonoma County and once again live in Geyserville.   


           This is Olivia, our newest family member.  Her photo is here because we believe she is a beautiful child and all the web should see her.


               Malin and Mia.  Bella nipote!!

             "Even if you win the rat race, you are still a rat."   - Lily Tomlin